Automation saves 30 hours for every client conversion


Arete Wealth Strategists is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) specializing in serving Australian and American expats. The firm focuses on providing comprehensive financial planning and investment management services tailored to the unique needs of expatriates.

Arete Wealth Strategists struggled with data dispersion and inefficient client communication processes. Their existing systems were not streamlined, leading to challenges in managing client data efficiently and communicating effectively with clients, which hindered their ability to scale their operations and meet client expectations.

The implementation of a centralized data hub, customized Salesforce CRM, integrated PreciseFP, and efficient email automations significantly improved Arete’s operational efficiency. This transformation enabled the firm to onboard 100 prospective clients over three years, demonstrating scalable growth and significantly enhancing the client experience.

Sep 2021 - Present
Business Automation, Email Marketing, Salesforce Development

System Audit

5 Days

Implemented fact finders to collect and organize client information efficiently, improving data accessibility and management.

Service Integrations

10 Days

Integrated tools like Salesforce, Precise FP, and email automations to streamline data collection and enhance communication efficiency during the client engagement process.

Training & Handoff

2 Days

Provided comprehensive training to Arete's team to ensure smooth adaptation to the new systems and processes.

A mess of notifications from different apps and softwares.
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All apps and softwares connecting to one central database.
Working Together.

Post-launch results

Hours saved per conversion

The amount of time that was perviously spent manually completing tasks for each new lead to prospect to client conversion.

Tasks automated

The number of tasks that are now done automatically through integrations and automations.