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Arete Wealth Strategists Australia has established itself as a leader in the financial planning niche for American-Australian expats, primarily through its adeptness at synthesizing complex topics. Their method involves conducting in-depth research and presenting this information through webinars, which has become a pivotal element in their lead generation and brand awareness strategies.

While Arete values webinars for their educational benefits and ability to enhance expertise on various topics, they encountered challenges in attracting new business at the top of the marketing funnel without incurring substantial advertising costs. To address this, they shifted focus to content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), aiming to organically leverage their webinar content for broader reach.

Sep 2021 - Present
Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Website Design

Repurposing Content For Added Value to Visitors

Repurposing the webinar content into written posts and videos required a detailed process but yielded significant results. Google prioritizes content that demonstrates quality through relevant keywords, structured information architecture, and effective on-page SEO. By converting each webinar into a video and a complementary blog post, Arete not only diversified their content but also enhanced their middle-of-the-funnel offerings. This strategic approach led to a 2,774% increase in SEO traffic over two years.

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Post-launch results

Increase to organic search traffic

The percentage increase in organic traffic over a two year period.

Pages ranking #1 in Google Search rankings

The number of pages ranking #1 for high value keywords in Arete's niche.