Using webinar marketing to retain existing members and drive conversions


The Global Financial Planning Institute (GFPI) provides a supportive community, resources, and specialized education for financial advisors whose clients lead cross-border lives. Co-founded by Ashley Murphy, a cross-border advisor frequently consulted by peers for his expertise, GFPI was established to formalize this educational offering and meet a clear market need.

Upon its inception, GFPI identified a significant challenge: the absence of dedicated communities for the niche of cross-border financial advising. The targeted nature of their niche made it difficult to find and attract new members. To overcome this, GFPI aimed to captivate potential members through public and paid webinars that addressed relevant topics within the cross-border advisor niche.

Sep 2021 - Jan 2024
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Showcasing the GFPI's Expertise with courses

Over a two-year period, GFPI successfully grew its membership to over 500 members. This growth was bolstered by a partnership with the Investments and Wealth Institute to offer a Global Financial Planning Essentials course, which was inspired by GFPI’s original Master Class in Inbound/Outbound Financial Planning. The original master class itself was a success, graduating over 70 students and generating approximately $100,000 in new revenue for GFPI.

Post-launch results

Students graduated

The number of students that graduated from the Master Class in Inbound / Outbound Financial Planning.

Revenue from course

The amount of revenue generated from the Master Class in Inbound / Outbound Financial Planning.

Key Takeaways

This case study exemplifies a classic scenario of product-market fit. GFPI has cultivated a thriving community of niche advisors by offering education that fills a gap in the financial services industry. The success underscores a key insight: if you understand your niche and know where they converge, your specialized product or service will naturally attract interest and engagement.

First One's Free

Giving leads a free introduction to your product/service increases chance of conversion.

Know Your Target

Knowing your target audience helps tailor your strategy to their preferences.

Keep Leads Engaged

Post-webinar, attendees were added to a nurture sequence, encouraging them to join GFP.


Creating content that appeals to a very specific niche is superior to generic content.